mardi 20 novembre 2007

The last assigment, my opinion.

First of all, the idea for this exercise is original and interesting. For my last TV journal, I would like to tell you that this TV show is really funny. It’s the most popular family in a TV show in the world. It’s not a show where you learn a lot because the first goal for the producer is to entertain you. If you like a program where you can laugh a lot, watch this program. When I was watching the show, I didn’t learn things about life or about other things. The family is really common and the actions were just really crazy. Most of the time, Homer took Bart by this neck when he did a bad thing and he shook him for that. It’s always the same thing but the actions or the situations are not the same. In short, I learned some new words in my writing summaries but, in the show, the expressions are common and I didn’t learn other words or other expressions when I watched the show on my TV.

mardi 13 novembre 2007

The lemon tree

Hi, I’m Bart, last week in a Simpson's episode, my mother wanted to give me another view of my town but I wasn’t interested. After that, when my friends and I were walking in the city almost the lemon tree we saw a group of Shelbyville’s children. We don’t like Shelbyvilledians, it’s a long story. We displayed about the best city Between Springfield and Shelbyville. The next day, we were walking towards the lemon tree but it wasn’t here! The children of Shelbyville had stolen the tree and my friends and I went into the rival town and we wanted to find the tree in the hands of the children. We developed an intense rivalry and our parents came to help us. They wanted to find the tree and we wanted to protect ourselves. We found the tree in a parking and we put the tree in its place and we drank good lemonade.

mardi 25 septembre 2007

Krusty gets busted!!!

In this episode, Homer went to the Kwik-E-Mart at the end of his work, to buy Ice cream, chocolate, chips and more. When he arrived to pay for his food, Krusty the Clown aimed his weapon towards Apu. Terrified, Homer crushed the foot of the robber and he threw himself into the chips shelf support. With the help of Homer and the security video, Krusty the Clown got busted for robbing the Kwik-E-Mart. After that, Sideshow Bob took the show of Krusty the Clown. Convinced that their hero was not guilty, Lisa and Bart made another inquiry. They made a curious discovery, Krusty the Clown didn’t have a long foot but when Homer crushed the foot of the robber, the thief shouted and his shoes were very long and Krusty's feet were very small. Then, in the video, the robber wasreading a magazine and Krusty doesn’t know how to read. After that, Lisa and Bart discovered that the robber was Sideshow Bob. Krusty was cleared and Sideshow Bob began the first prison term and we know that it won't be the last term.

mardi 11 septembre 2007

My first TV journal

The Simpsons: who doesn't know this famous family. This series is written by Matt Groening. The action takes place in Springfield city in U.S.A. There are many cities with the same name; consequently we don’t really know where the action takes place. In this series, there are many characters. At first, there is Homer Simpson, the father in this spectacular family. He is a big man and he has three hairs on his head. He doesn’t like his job and he has many troubles in his life; with his children, his wife, his friends, his neighbour and in his work. Secondly, there is Marge Simpson, the mother of this family. She has blue hair, she’s tall. She’s always here for her family but she’s often angry because her husband and her boy are often in trouble. Bart is the oldest child in the family. He is always in trouble, he likes to skateboard and he hates school. In the middle, they have Lisa; Lisa is the brain in the family. She love school, she doesn’t have many friends and she plays saxophone. Last, there is Maggie, the baby in the family. She’s always in her pyjamas and she doesn't talk.